Friday, November 2, 2012

English III 11/2: Julian Lynch "Terra"

New Jersey citizen Julian Lynch has been making music on his own terms in his own very unique way for years. His music has powers to transport the listener to places familiar as well as exotic; it's an unique fusion of nostalgia and curiosity. The song we're hearing today (from his album "Terra" out tomorrow) is a fine example of the dreamy, almost trance-like quality of Lynch's musical meditations. Music blogger Michael McGregor said it best on Altered Zones:

"... "Terra" opens with a sultry bass line, clarinet, and shakers before the gentle pat of hand drums ushers in the melody. If you're not deeply engrossed yet, just wait 'til the guitar-synth drizzles down your spine three minutes in. Julian's meticulous arrangements weave in and out of sonic states that feel as virgin as they do familiar; Julian's touch is so genuine, it's almost hard to believe they were captured in the Google era."


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