Tuesday, September 18, 2012

English III 9/18: "Icaros" by Mexican With Guns

This diverse, schizophrenic and pulsing track comes to us from local San Antonio renaissance man Ernest Gonzales (Mexicans With Guns). Gonzales weaves together soundscapes using electronic media in an expert way to create electronic music that sounds warm and lush. Where could you picture yourself hearing this music (besides the club, smart guy)? What types of emotions and images does this song bring to mind for you? Click HERE and read a bit about the track via ALTERED ZONES... and if you like it you can download it from them later. If you like this, be sure to check out other stuff by Mexicans With Guns/Ernest Gonzales HERE. Happy Blogging!


5. immutable – unchanging, permanent
6. stringent – strict, harsh, severe
7. laud – to praise
8. respite – a rest, a pause, a break

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