Tuesday, October 30, 2012

English III 10/30: Blowing Trees "The Line is A Far Away Place" // "Wolf Waltz"

Don't roll your eyes
Don't step over this line
Change radio blares
Chase stereo air
Type lines I can't read
Forces lines I don't need
Erase your old guns
Chain the music stuns
Coming through your vacant gaze
Wrapped around your favorite place
Circles of blood fall away
You're just fine now
Now are you?
Now are you?
Now are you?
Now are you?
Now are you?


Don't you touch that wire sticking out the wall
It will shock you to the next to the next
Never trust an electrical current
They were made to run made to run
I was there I saw it happen
She was there oh she fell
You should have seen how it worked so well
They were so entertained
You took your united neglect
A nation divided
Parallel angles like a Kubrick
In your eyes like an idol
There is only one, won't you come?
Can't you hear the sirens?
Oh patience,
I learn to cherish the stare you hold
Eat words like last meals
You get what you want but it's not enough
Oh have you seen the door that you left behind?
No eyes could hold 'cause it's all in your mind.
Can't you waltz?
Can't you waltz?
Can't you waltz?
Wolf waltz
Can't you waltz?
Can't you waltz?


5. Plummet- fall suddenly and steeply
6. Resolution- determination
7. Tentative- not certain
8. Lamentation- expression of regret or sorrow 

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