Monday, March 18, 2013

English IV 3/18: Beirut "La Llorona"

This song was recorded by a 21 year-old guy from New Mexico (Zach Condon) and an 18 piece Oaxacan funeral band. He went down to Mexico to find inspiration in their culture and wound up writing a song about one of their most treasured legends,La Llorona. Below is a nice painting of La Llorona. Think about the painting and the song together. What kind of feelings do you get from these? Write your interpretation of the mood of this song and this painting. Do you feel the sadness and the suffering? There is a sense of deep wilderness, of a great unknown darkness beyond the imagination. Does the song accurately capture the essence of La Llorona as you know her?

"Ever away from seeing more than life
The morning lies miles away from the night
No man ever could steal her heart
But With bright gold coins I’ll take my shot

And all it takes to fall
If you don’t walk, might as well crawl

All it takes to fall
What a quiet world after all
Of the things that you guessed will come
What a moment it was after all"


1. imbroglio n. A misunderstanding attended by ill feeling, perplexity, or strife.
2. impetuous adj. Impulsive.
3. innocuous adj. Harmless.
4. insipid adj. Tasteless.

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