Tuesday, January 22, 2013

English III 1/22: "La Tortuga" by Jaramar Soto

Jaramar Soto is a mexican folk singer born in Mexico City and raised in Guadalajara. She sings folk songs from all over the world, but this particular one is a Native American classic. Normally I will give you lyrics, but these lyrics are not available and are not in english.

Listen to this song. I would like you to avoid writing until it is over, so that you can capture in your mind the fullness of it before you begin trying to express yourself about it. What kind of things does the music bring to mind? The vocals? How does this song fit with your past experience/learning regarding indigenous peoples and cultures?

I get feelings of a deep repetitive sadness, like one might get from a constant and dedicated toil in the fields or hunting grounds. While many Native Americans derived great satisfaction and meaning from their labor, there is still a certain resignation that must accompany lives like they led/lead. To me this feeling of devotion comes through in this song and the idea that even in a slow and hard life one can conquer the desire for a leaping joy with a steady peace.

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