Tuesday, January 29, 2013

English IV 1/29: Sympathy for the Devil(?)

There is a long history of sympathizing with tragic-turned-evil characters in literature. Many times the author will build in these emotions to force us to see how no being is wholly good or evil and that we, as humans, are great enough to love and pity even those that we fear. We will be reading portions of "Paradise Lost" soon, which is a tale of Satan's fall from heaven and you will discover that he is just such a character. The general consensus among Old English scholars is that Grendel is one of these characters as well. Although the selections we read in the textbook don't focus on this element, I would like you to come up with a few reasons why people might say that they feel sorry for (or even identify with) Grendel. Think in terms of 'outsiders', suffering, lonliness, rejection, etc.

5. quandary n. A puzzling predicament. 
6. opportunist n. One who takes advantage of circumstances to gain his ends. 
7. admonition n. Gentle reproof. 
8. geniality n. Warmth and kindliness of disposition.


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Night Still of Dead
Is there not a man afraid to die
only so dead in side, to not feel fear and who solemnly without a tear filled his heart with his dear. Now puzzled as a thought without will he fought, but in peril we all lost that with which there is no fault, only... now but only our minds have stopped?